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Best for Fast Installation

Our roofs are quick and easy to install yet give a finish that’s second to none.

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The Architect – Find out why I recommend Gerard®

When I decided to become an architect I knew there were years of schooling and training ahead of me. When my friends were going out, I was staying in studying.

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Rainwater Harvesting with Gerard®

Not many things in life are free, but rainwater is. So, it makes sense to capture it and use it rather than pay the water company.

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Make sure it’s #GenuineGerard

At times like these when every Naira spent must work it’s hardest, it’s tempting to cut costs.

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Why Gerard® is Best for Design

With a choice of six profiles, each with their own distinct personality and over 30 different colours there’s a Gerard® roof for every design.

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Gerard® Fire Resistant Roofing Tiles

A roof that resists fire can literally mean the difference between life and death.

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Standing up to the weather

From baking hot sunshine to torrential rain your roof needs to be able to withstand anything that nature throws at it. And it’s no accident that a Gerard® roof can.

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Continual Testing Keeps Gerard® Ahead

There are many advantages of Gerard® Roofing Systems, from fire resistance to hurricane proof roofs, and from colour that never fades to our famous 50 year warranty.

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Saving costs with the lightweight roofing solution

Gerard® Roofing Systems is the strong but lightweight roofing solution that allows you save costs on your structure and roof support.

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The number 1 choice for coastal living

For properties by the coast, the high salt content in the air usually excludes metal roofing from being a choice of construction material.

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