Saving costs with the lightweight roofing solution

Gerard® Roofing Systems is the strong but lightweight roofing solution that allows you save costs on your structure and roof support.

Saving cost

Weighing approximately 7 to 10 times less than clay and concrete roofs, Gerard ® puts less loading onto the Roof trusses and onto the walls of the building. This means that a Gerard ® roof requires much less timber, less structural technology in the outer walls and shallower foundations. Together these add up to significant savings which can be used to either cut the budget or to enhance other parts of the build. To get the maximum advantage from Gerard ® planning is important, so the earlier you discuss your project with a Genuine Gerard ® Distributor, the more money you could save.  To book an appointment today, please click on this link

Saving Lives

Apart from saving money, why else should you consider a lightweight Gerard ® Roof? A Genuine Gerard ® roof performs all day every day, but it’s when things go wrong that Gerard ® could literally save your life. Luckily, events such as fire, terrorism, building collapse, and natural disasters are few and far between, and most of us will go through life without ever being effected by any of these things. But if they were to happen, you could rely on a Gerard ® roof to hold together, and that may give you the precious time it takes for everyone to leave the building safely. The case below is a house in Japan that was caught up in the devastating tsunami that hit the country in 2011. This house was picked up and carried several miles by the huge torrent of water that cascaded over the land. Although the house is obviously ruined and inhabitable, the Gerard ® roof is completely intact (apart from one tile), and that has helped to keep the building together.


In contrast, the image below shows the dramatic moment that a house in the UK which was roofed with clay tiles collapsed because of the weight. The house was being renovated at the time, and the weight of all of that clay on the roof proved too much. When this happens, it happens without warning and for anybody inside the house, an event like this could prove fatal.


Keeping Strong

Being lightweight doesn’t mean that Gerard ® sacrifices anything in terms of performance. On the contrary, a Gerard ® roof is exceedingly strong, certified to withstand 200Kph hurricane winds and unlike clay and concrete tiles, won’t crack or break if hit by falling fruit from nearby trees.


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