Make sure it’s #GenuineGerard

At times like these when every Naira spent must work it’s hardest, it’s tempting to cut costs. But beware! Fake and imitation Gerard® Roof tiles will end up costing MORE than choosing Genuine Gerard® in the first place. Let us explain…..

Genuine Gerard® roof tiles are made to a certain standard in New Zealand by the very company that invented stone coated metal roofing tiles. Having over 60 years of heritage and experience has resulted in the optimum quality : cost ratio, and no other roof tile manufacturer can get anywhere close to that special formula. Instead, they produce roof tiles with cheaper and inferior raw materials that might look like Gerard® when new, but simply won’t last or perform like Gerard®. Unfortunately, by the time you are aware of this, it’s too late. The only remedy is to repair the roof with more tiles or replace it completely. Either way, the cost of doing this is more than choosing the right product for the job first time around!

There are a couple of phrases that you might know of…. “things are cheap for a reason” or “cheap is expensive” and “if something is too good to be true, it usually is,” and this last one in particular is important. With Genuine Gerard®, you have a product you can TRUST. You know where it comes from, and on our website you can see exactly how a Genuine Gerard® roof tile is made . We don’t hide anything because we believe in giving our customers all the information they need to make the right decision for them.

But how do you know what is Genuine Gerard® and what is fake? There are people who will tell you their tiles are Gerard® and there are two ways of knowing for sure. All Genuine Gerard® Roof tiles have the Gerard® logo printed on the back of the tile:


If that logo isn’t there, it’s not Genuine Gerard®. Secondly, in Nigeria Genuine Gerard® is only available through our exclusive Distributor: Wichtech Roofing. With offices nationwide, you can contact them on 0800 300 2000 or visit to find your local sales representative.

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