Why Gerard® is Best for Design

With a choice of six profiles, each with their own distinct personality and over 30 different colours there’s a Gerard® roof for every design. Whether your building is traditional or contemporary, coastal or surrounded by forest, our expert Distributors can guide you through the process of matching the right Gerard® roof to realise your dream.

Contemporary and modern buildings require a roof that features as part of the overall design. Gerard® Shingle and Gerard® Slate are perfect for design led architecture being 3D profiled and casting small shadows across the tile that move throughout the day as the suns position moves across the sky.


These “Living Roofs” offer an evolving look that adds to the appeal and uniqueness of an avant-garde building.

Living by the coast offers a choice to contrast with your environment or to harmonise with it. Our Gerard®Artic, Delta, Sapphire and Tanzanite blues can blend your roof into the sea beyond, as shown below left in our Heritage profile. In contrast, you could choose to stand out with the Mediterranean look of our Milano profile in Antico, Burgundy, Garnet, Rosso, Sienna or Terrocotta red (shown below left)


For a natural appearance, the Gerard® Shake tile is perfect for replicating the rustic look of Makuti or grass roofs, but with the benefits of minimal maintenance and fire resistance. Or for properties


surrounded by nature where the aim is to compliment the environment, but still make a statement,  Gerard® Classic in Sage Green is the perfect choice:


To discover more choice, please visit our tile profile page or book an appointment with one of our expert roof advisors.