The Architect – Find out why I recommend Gerard®

When I decided to become an architect I knew there were years of schooling and training ahead of me. When my friends were going out, I was staying in studying. When my friends were buying clothes, I was buying books. My parents also sacrificed a lot for me to achieve my ambition. Now that I’ve achieved my goal, I aim to protect it and reward those sacrifices by creating a good reputation for myself. In this industry your name is everything so you have to be consistent and always do what’s right for the client. 

Creating a great design is only half of an architect’s job. We must make sure the materials we recommend using are fit for purpose and meet the clients needs. For roofing, this is actually easy because there’s such a gap between Gerard® and every other roof materials. For example, some clients want clay tiles because they are traditional and look quite nice, but the when you tell them how fragile they are and how much maintenance they’ll need to do on their roof, they don’t want to know. I can recommend to them Gerard ® because they get the same look but with a steel tile that wont break. A new trend is bitumen shingles. Again, they can look good when the construction is new, but they don’t have the same lifespan of a Gerard ® roof. Gerard ® also offer a fifty year warranty which is solid and unmatched in the market.

I always recommend Gerard ® when it’s right to do so because I know my clients will never have any trouble with it, and that means my name remains good. They even train their installers so the finish is the best, and the Distributor always delivers on time. Other stone coated tiles can be cheaper for sure, but they never look as good as Gerard ® after three to six months. Sometimes my clients want to save money and go with a cheaper tile, but I tell them to look at the roofs around town and see how they change colour and lose the stone chip. If I recommended one of those tiles I’d be finished!

Trust me, when it comes to roofing, Gerard ® is the only choice. They have so many profiles and colours that you don’t need anything else.