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Best for Fast Installation

Our roofs are quick and easy to install yet give a finish that’s second to none.

Lightweight Gerard® tiles are favoured by installers for their ease of use and professional finish. Much quicker to install than older style materials, a Genuine Gerard ® roof also provides a neater, cleaner look than cheaper alternatives. A Genuine Gerard ® Roofing System features accessories for every eventuality including flashing, ridges and valleys, and even roof vents and windows, so that a consistent look is achieved and a consistent quality assured. These accessories are all manufactured using the same materials as Genuine Gerard ® roof tiles. 

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Gerard ® Roofing Systems can be installed timber or steel battens and we have trained thousands of installers all over sub-Saharan Africa on our unique Installer Training Program to ensure a quality installation for your home.

Don’t Forget – our nails and screws are part of our system and must be used to validate your FREE 50 YEAR WARRANTY.

To view our installation videos, please visit our YouTube channel or our download our installation brochure on our website.   

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