roof colour changer

Helping Customers Decide

Deciding to choose a Gerard® roof is easy. But with more profiles and colour choices than ever, the difficult part is choosing which would look best on your building. To help you decide, features a unique roof changer which allows you to see how different profiles and colours can affect the look of a roof. For example, our new Slate profile is quite a flat, sleek tile and in a dark colour would give a roof a totally different look than a red tile in say, our Milano profile which replicates the curved Mediterranean clay roof look. You only want to buy a roof once, so it’s important to make the right decision – a roof that you like and that suits the building it’s going on.

As well as your own preferences, try to bear in mind the environment that surrounds your building. It’s quite common for our customers in coastal locations to choose one of the blue colours to compliment the sea, whilst those surrounded by countryside often go for a green tile. The profile too can have a huge effect on the overall look. Again, coastal properties can look good with a red Milano or Heritage tile, giving them that Mediterranean look, while the flatter profiles of Shingle, Shake and Slate can be more suited to contemporary homes.

Whatever style and locality of your project, there’s a Gerard® roof waiting to enhance and protect it. Visit to discover your Gerard® roof.