installers story

Why I chose Gerard®: The Installers story

Gerard® Roofing Systems, in conjunction with our local Distributors and supported by various national authorities, has trained thousands of roof installers all over Africa during the last decade. Established to improve the quality of installation and empower our local installers, our training program is one of Africa’s leading training courses. Ben is one such beneficiary of the Gerard ® Training Course;

“At first I learnt my trade from older installers. Then one day I worked with fundi who had been on the Gerard course. He did things differently, more professionally, and the result was much better. When I got the opportunity to go on the course I really took it. I learnt so much and I put into practice everything I learnt that day. Since that day I have never looked back. From an unskilled kid, I now run a team of 10 installers, all trained the Gerard way. We only recommend Gerard to our clients because it’s the only roof you have no problems with. It installs better and has a fifty year warranty. The other roofs rust and the stone chip comes off. I’ve replaced so many fake Gerard roofs with the Genuine one.”

All of our training video’s are available online for installers to reference and our new website includes a dedicated installer area. Some Gerard® trained roof installers can also offer cleaning services. For more information, contact us here