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Using your rainwater

Rainwater collected from Gerard roofs is safe to re-use. As part of our strict testing program, Gerard roof tiles are tested for the quality of run-off water and are proven to exceed the standards set by the World Health Organisation. Gerard roof tiles do not add anything to the water, so whatever falls onto the roof is the same that runs off it. Many Gerard Roofing System distributors also supply quality rainwater guttering making the collection of rainwater easier.  However, before use, we recommend that the water should be filtered as leaves and twigs etc. can make their way into your storage tanks and could block pipework or pumps. Gerard Regional Manager for Africa Mr. Joe Collins recently addressed a group of real estate developers in Nigeria, many of whom are long-standing devotees of Gerard, to explain the benefits of harvesting rainwater from Gerard roofs as investors and homeowners increasingly look to this technology as a way to future-proof their lives. For more information, please visit: https://www.gerardafrica.com/choose.html