Time for a new roof?

Gerard® isn’t just for new builds. If your roof is letting you down, your home could benefit from a new Gerard® Roof.

Many metal roofs across Africa suffer from rust, corrosion, leaks and colour fade, making the home look bad, possibly devaluing it, and causing damage through water ingress. Clay and concrete tiles meanwhile, often crack and slip, causing leaks and water damage.

A Gerard® Roof suffers from none of these issues. Our unique alu-zinc steel protects against rust and corrosion and is the reason we can give a free 50 year warranty with each roof. Our specially sourced stone chip never fades or changes colour and will always remain firmly stuck to the tile, ensuring that your house always looks its best. Our in-house developed coating technology makes sure of this, and unlike clay and concrete tiles, Gerard® tiles won’t break.

But there are many more benefits to Gerard® that will keep your roof performing for generations to come. We’re number one for security with Gerard® tiles being impossible to lift or remove once fastened in place. This goes for the weather too, so you won’t get tiles slipping during heavy winds or storms like clay tiles do, and because of the way Gerard® tiles are installed, the rain will never find a way in. Even extreme weather can’t defeat a Genuine Gerard® roof. We’re earthquake proof, hail proof, hurricane proof, and even fire proof.

To find out how a Gerard® roof can give new life to your home, contact us today to make an appointment with one of our official Distributors, or discover more here.