The Cool Roof

Gerard® roofing systems are more than just the worlds original stone coated roofing tile. The system also includes the option of Decra® Foil to keep temperatures inside the home manageable.

Decra® foil sits beneath the roof tile. Supplied in 45m rolls, the foil is installed on top of the rafters before the roof battens and tiles are installed.


Manufactured from layers of aluminium, co-polymer & Kraft paper the multi-layered foil sandwiches a 3-way fibreglass mesh that prevents weather and Insects from passing through the foil.

The party piece of Decra® foil is that it can reduce the temperature inside your home by 5°C because it reflects up to 95% of the suns heat.

But that’s not all. If you use air conditioning, Decra® Foil allows you to reduce the loading of the air conditioner whilst maintaining the same cool temperature. For example, in the image below, the first house has air conditioning but does not have Decra® foil.

With the air conditioning on full power the temperature is 28°C.

By adding Decra® Foil (house 2), the same temperature can be achieved with the air conditioner on only 75% power. This reduces your power consumption, saving you money, and extends the life of the air conditioner – a win/win!


For further benefits, Decra® Foil can be used with Genuine Gerard® ventilation and Roof Windows to replace hot stale air with fresh cool air. For more information on Decra® foil and other Genuine Gerard® roof accessories, please visit our Healthy Living webpages