rain protection

Superior Rain Protection

When you think about what a roof is supposed to do, it’s there to keep the weather out and keep your home safe. The problem with rain is that water will always find the route of least resistance and can find its way through even the smallest of gaps, causing untold damage to the fabric of the building. A normal roof, installed in a normal way, therefore stands a good chance of leaking, especially in areas where rainfall can be extremely heavy.

Gerard® Roofing Systems are guaranteed to keep water out between pitches of 12° and 90° with both the design of the system and our unique method of installation.

The design of a Gerard ® roof tile doesn’t just make it look good. Those scalloped profiles and ridges are also there to aid the draining of rainwater from the roof and are a feature of all of our profiles.


Although they enhance the look of the tiles and add to their aesthetic appeal, the drainage channels are a vital part of the design to keep water out of your home. However, it’s when you combine this with the Gerard ® installation method that you really get an unbeatable performance. From the top of the roof down, each course of tiles overlaps the course below, providing a consistent barrier (as with most roofs). However, unlike most roofs, the tiles are fixed to the roof battens at both the top and lower edge, through the tile beneath and to the side. With Gerard ® roof tiles being just 420mm in height, this forms a tight seal that stops not only water dripping through, but also prevents rain from being blown under the tile by the wind. This is makes a huge difference between a Gerard ® Roof and your average roofing material and prevent rust occurring on the underside of the roof. Finally, our genuine stone coated roof accessories follow the same principle. Ridge trim and side flashing are both designed and installed in such a way as to maximise the effect of water drainage and prevent water ingress.


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