Making sure your roof tiles are GENUINE Gerard

Few things in life leave a more bitter taste than being “ripped off” or cheated. Sadly, this can happen when buying roof tiles as there are plenty of fake stone coated metal roof tiles that claim to be Gerard. So, how can you tell the difference and how can you be certain that your tiles are Genuine Gerard? First of all, Genuine Gerard roof tiles are ONLY available in Nigeria from Wichtech Roofing, and in Sierra Leone from Eacon International. Secondly, our tiles are made from different materials and in a different way – this is why we can offer a free 50-year written warranty. Other tiles will not perform to our high standards.

6. genuinegerard

To be absolutely certain that you’re talking to a Genuine Authorised Gerard Distributor, Contact us here and we’ll put you in touch with one of our sales team.