king of roofing

King of Roofing

For over 60 years Gerard® has led the world in stone coated metal roof tiles. After all, we did invent them back in 1957 and since then, we haven’t rested on our laurels. Our tiles have been continually developed, harnessing the latest technology to make them better, tougher and longer lasting.

In each of the 6 decades since New Zealander Lou Fisher created the first Gerard® tile, our products have undergone major developments, such as introducing Alu-Zinc steel to roofing which increased the lifespan of metal roofs by 6-9 times. In the 1970’s we improved our basecoat to increase chip adhesion and today this is a major difference between Gerard® and fake tiles. While other tiles lose their stone chip during transportation, installation and heavy rainfall, Gerard® stone chip stays on the tile, protecting the steel and continuing to make your roof look it’s best. The 1980’s saw huge advancements in testing technology and we were able to make improvements to the way Gerard® tiles perform against UV radiation, coastal salt corrosion and urban atmospheric pollution. But simply having the best product in the market isn’t enough. Over the course of the last ten years, Gerard® has trained thousands of installers across sub-Saharan Africa to ensure that your Gerard® roof is installed to the highest standards and you can contact us to find a trained Gerard® installer in your area.

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For these reasons, it’s important to make sure your Gerard® is Genuine Gerard®. You can do this by checking the back of the tile for the Gerard® logo – if it’s not there, it’s not Genuine Gerard® and it won’t perform to our standards.

Please take a look at our You Tube channel to watch our full history of Gerard® video and discover the many other features and benefits that make Gerard® the roof others look up to.