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Gerard’s 50 year warranty

Only Genuine Gerard Roofing Systems come with a FREE 50-year written warranty, which we believe is unequaled in Africa. The extraordinary durability of a Gerard roof is backed by a comprehensive three-point warranty covering weather resistance, surface coating, and installation and is underwritten by New Zealand’s largest company. Registration for your 50 year warranty is simple, quick and free, as most of the process is done for you by your exclusive Gerard distributor. Regional Manager for Gerard, Mr. Joe Collins, warns about the dangers of verbal agreements which are often offered by unscrupulous sellers; “People selling fake tiles will tell you that they are the same as Gerard and that they too offer a fifty year warranty. Not only will these tiles fail to perform to our standards, but when it comes to claiming on the warranty you’ll find little in the way of support” Gerard are the world leaders in both Roof Tile manufacture and the after sales support”.