Gerard® Shingle – the living roof

Gerard® Shingle is a unique profile which, since inception, has been a favourite throughout Africa. Differing from other stone coated tile profiles by horizontal as well as vertical ridges, Shingle’s patched colouring also gives it a more natural, weathered look, as seen above in this example from Kenya.

Ever popular in our Eclipse colour (right) – a Charcoal base with an Ashwood and charcoal patch, Eclipse’s party trick is its ability to give a different look depending on the time of day.

This is achieved because of the vertical and horizontal ridges that are Shingles signature. As the sun passes over the roof, these ridges cast small shadows which move as the sun moves overhead.

The result is a “living roof” which constantly delights with an evolving look. Although Shingle is available in solid colours, the patched colours add an extra dimension to the aesthetic appeal of the roof, creating intrigue and giving the roof an established look. The vertical ridges meanwhile aid drainage of rainwater from the roof, making Shingle the ideal choice in areas of heavy rainfall.

To view all the colour choices of Gerard® Shingle, and to discover more, please visit our Gerard® Shingle page or contact us to find your nearest Genuine Gerard® Distributor

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