roof window

Gerard® Roof Windows

Many Gerard® owners have chosen to utilise their roof space by using Gerard® Roof Windows. At Gerard ® we know the importance of value for money, so we have developed our Roof Window concept to enable home owners to extract as much space from the homes as possible. 

Gerard ® Roof windows not only allow healthy natural light to flood into the home, but are top hinged, enabling home owners to open the window for ventilation and circulation of fresh air. This cooling of the home can help reduce the loading on air conditioners – extending their lifespan and reducing power consumption.

Gerard ® Roof Windows are manufactured within genuine Gerard ® roof tiles, so they install seamlessly on genuine Gerard ® roofs and appear a natural and clever addition.

Security is a top priority with Gerard ® Roof Windows with the high security opening mechanism enabling operation from inside the home, while remaining secure and robust from the outside. As part of a Genuine Gerard ® roof, the roof window forms part of secure-zone for any building.

For more information, let us put you in contact with your nearest official Gerard ® Distributor, our discover more on our Roof Window webpage.