Gerard Logo Update

We would like to let all of our esteemed customers know, that throughout 2021 we will be updating our famous Gerard logo to a new modern logo.


After decades of innovating our roof tiles, the time has come to pay some attention to our logo so that it synchronises with our products and the times we live in. The new logo is a modern evolution of the current logo with more modern font and more rounded appearance.


Gerard Roofing Systems
Gerard Logo Update 1
New Gerard Roofing Systems Gradient
Gerard Logo Update 2


We will gradually introduce the new logo throughout the year, appearing on our digital platforms as well as promotional and advertising material. For most of 2021, we shall show both logo’s together so that you know that what you’re looking at is #GenuineGerard. From 2022 we will drop the current logo and only display the new one. However, whilst the new logo will begin to appear on the back of our tiles towards the end of the year, it will be quite normal to receive tiles with the old logo for some time yet.


Please also be assured, that only our logo is changing! There are no plans to change our tiles, which remain Africa’s number one choice of stone coated metal roof tiles. The raw materials and production processes that make Gerard outperform all other roof tiles remain of the highest quality. And of course, our un-matched 50 year written warranty remains exactly the same.


Gerard Logo Update 3

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