Gerard® for Hotels

For generations, Gerard® has been the first choice for hotels throughout Africa and the world, adding value, minimising costs, and increasing safety.

Reflecting Brand Values

One of the key advantages to a Genuine Gerard® roof is its aesthetic appeal. The colour of our natural stone coating gives a consistent, vibrant finish that will never change colour, never lose stone chip and will help to promote your hotels brand values, giving customers the right first impression from the moment they walk through your doors.

Minimising Maintenance

Because of the unique way in which Gerard® is manufactured, once installed correctly the roof should be something you’ll never have to worry about – reducing costs and disruption to the running of your business. Each Gerard® roof comes with a free 50 warranty as reassurance of our quality promise.

Guest Safety

One of the reasons Gerard® is chosen for hotels is its fire resistant qualities. Many hotels in Africa have replaced their tradition grass roofs with Gerard® Shake, giving them the same natural look, but with all the advantages of a modern safe material.


Gerard® roof tiles are available in six profiles and over thirty different colours, providing the opportunity to create something unique, reflects your branding or something that blends with your hotels natural surroundings. If a more traditional look is required, Gerard® Shake is a good substitute for grass roofs, while Gerard® Milano offers a Mediterranean clay tile look – without the worry of cracked or slipped tiles.

View our hotel projects for inspiration, or download our Five Star Hotel Collection Brochure to discover all the benefits of Gerard® for Hotels.