Gerard® for Developers

Genuine Gerard® roofing systems are chosen by Developers throughout Africa to add value to their projects. The aesthetic appeal of a Genuine Gerard® roof increases the “curb appeal” of their homes, making them more saleable and generating faster returns on investment.

Adding value to the Developers own brand, A Gerard ® roof comes with a transferable 50 year warranty and offers the eventual home owner a virtually maintenance free roof. Good looks and no problems means Gerard ® helps give the developer a good name.

But Gerard ® can also help the business of developing real estate. With the most comprehensive distribution channels throughout sub-Saharan Africa, our Genuine Gerard ® Distributors have expert and experienced sales teams, technicians and trained roof installers on hand to guide and advise. More importantly, they carry stock locally, so that whatever your time scales, profile or colour demands, we can deliver on time and within budget. Furthermore, with the largest range of accessories, Gerard ® distributors can also offer ventilation, roof windows, insulation and rainwater guttering, making them a one-stop shop for our Developer clients. To discover how Gerard ® can add value to your project, please contact us, or view our gallery for inspiration.