Gerard® – Best for Noise Reduction

Gerard® stone coated roofing tiles do more than just look good. Even though they are durable for generations, there’s one question that’s always asked: “are they noisy when it rains?”.

The answer may surprise you. Although Gerard® tiles are made of alu-zinc steel, they are much quieter than other types of metal roof such as long run. Our high-quality stone chip coating is responsible for this for two reasons.

Firstly, the non-metallic stone coating doesn’t refract the rain like a metal surface does. Secondly, the irregular shapes of our stone chips disperse raindrops, diluting their noise effect.

noise reduction

The graph to the left demonstrates that a Gerard® roof is almost 10 decibels quieter than a long run roof and around 5 decibels quieter than corrugated galvanised steel sheets. So even if you’re considering a mono-pitched roof or a hidden roof, it’s well worth considering these figures.

Of course, there are all the other benefits of Gerard® to also consider!

While concrete tiles are a little quieter still, there’s the breakage issue to consider with these, along with the usual problems with organic growth.

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