Don’t be left out of pocket by fake tiles

Make sure it’s Genuine Gerard®! For nearly twenty years, Genuine Gerard® has been available throughout sub-Saharan Africa through just one official Distributor in each country. We work closely with these local businesses to ensure that you get the roof you want and deserve. It also means you get quality service and can buy with total confidence.

Unfortunately, because we have a successful and desirable product, there has been an influx of fake and copy stone coated roof tiles that don’t give you the same service, won’t give you a written 50 year warranty, and won’t perform to our high standards. In fact, we’ve never come across another stone coated metal roof tile that hasn’t failed. It’s important to shop around, but saving a few dollars now might end up costing thousands of dollars in the future with roof repairs or even replacement.

Even if you think you’re buying Genuine Gerard®, someone working for you might swap them with fakes to pocket the difference. To put a stop to this we print the Gerard® logo on the back of every tile, so when your roof tiles are delivered to site, you can check 100% if they are Genuine Gerard®.

tile verified

But why is it so important?

The roof of any building is a big investment, so making the right choice is essential. Of all the things to consider, two things stand out – the performance of the roof, and who you’re buying it from, and you need to be able to trust both of these things.

Gerard® roofs have been proven over 60 years to perform. Having been installed around the world in every type of climate, Gerard® particularly outperforms other types of roofing in sub-Saharan Africa.

Manufactured from high grade Alu-Zinc steel and natural stone chips with advanced coating technology, Gerard® roofs continue to perform for generations where other roofs fail. Our market beating fifty year warranty covers Gerard® against rust and corrosion, chip loss and colour change – all things that effect other roof types.

genuine gerard
gerard house

The image above-left demonstrates how risky it can be to choose a roof that’s “like” Gerard®. This photograph was taken within the first year after installation and shows the colour of the roof fading. The image above-right is Genuine Gerard®, which is only available from our authorised Distributors. Gerard® Roofs never change colour and remain a consistent vibrant colour throughout its life. (See Gerard® Roofs Gallery)

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