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Discover Heritage – the worlds best selling Stone coated roof tile

Born in 1957 the Heritage tile has kept relevant to house builders around the world by reinventing itself over the last six decades. The first stone coated metal roof tile in the World, Gerard Heritage is also the best selling stone coated roof tile, having sold more tiles in more countries than any other tile.


Although the history of Heritage begins in the 1950’s, (view our history here) it was in 1967 that the 7-pan Heritage tile was introduced with improvements made to the coating in 1974 & ’78. In 1980 a technological breakthrough allowed the basecoat to be updated and research throughout the 80’s increased resistance to UV and coastal salt corrosion. Improvements continue to be made to this day to ensure the Gerard® Heritage tile remains the number one choice of discerning home builders.

Since the year 2000, Genuine Gerard® Heritage tile has become the firm favourite across sub-Saharan Africa and remains our most popular tile. Available in 21 colours only from Genuine Gerard® Distributors, discover how Heritage could transform your home.