Discover #GenuineGerard Milano

The classic lines of the Mediterranean roof tile are reproduced with non of the drawbacks of clay, and all the advantages of Genuine Gerard® with our Milano profile.

For centuries, terracotta clay tiles have been the roofing material of choice in Southern Europe, providing a unique and pleasing look. However, like all clay tiles they suffer greatly from breakages – during transport, installation and while on the roof. This means you have to buy more than you need, knowing that the tiles you’re paying for are going to get broken on the way to your site and even more smashed during installation. During storms they can lift and move, causing leaks, and will break if something drops on them, such as fruit from trees.

With Gerard® Milano, you have no such problems. Manufactured using the latest technology, Gerard® Milano tiles are lightweight yet remarkably strong. Weighing in at just 1/7th the weight of clay, they are easily and more cheaply transported with no fear of breakages. Installation is much quicker and easier than clay, and with a 50 year warranty the lifespan of Gerard® Milano can be much longer than fragile clay or concrete tiles.

The added bonus is that you can even choose your own colour, from traditional reds, browns and blacks to more contemporary blues and greens. And being flexible means you can be more creative with your roof design.

Genuine Gerard® Milano is now the 1st choice for roofing material for many homes across Europe and Africa after quickly establishing itself as one of the best selling Gerard® Profiles. Contact us to discover your nearest Gerard® Milano Distributor.

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