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Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion is caused when moisture in the atmosphere meets metal and starts to rust it. When steel rusts, the colour is a reddish brown and once this happens, the steel becomes useless.

Galvanising steel is the process of coating steel with zinc. The zinc will corrode, but more slowly and during the time that the zinc is corroding, the steel remains protected. The colour of corroding zinc is white.

Alu-zinc is a higher stage of steel protection. In this process, both aluminium and zinc is added to the steel. The aluminium slows down even further the rate at which the zinc corrodes, while all the time the zinc protects the steel. This gives a much longer lifetime to the steel. All Genuine Gerard® products are manufactured with Alu-Zinc Steel. 

Although we pioneered the use of alu-zinc in stone coated metal roof tiles, other roof tile manufacturers have either adopted the process, or they claim to. But it’s not as straight forward as that, because the amount of aluminium added to the zinc has a huge effect on its usefulness. So, while other roof tile manufactures claim to use alu-zinc, it is unlikely that it is the same strength as Gerard®. It’s the alu-zinc in our steel that means we can offer a 50 year warranty with every Gerard® roof.

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