Roof cleaning

Cleaning your Gerard® Roof

We are confident that your Genuine Gerard® roof will outperform any other roof in all areas and each time it rains, any dust will be washed off and your roof will look like new again. However, over the course of a few years, depending on the location of your roof and its surroundings, dirt and debris may build up and may need a little persuasion to move on. This is where our roof cleaning guide comes in handy.

Our Gerard® Roof Cleaning Guide can be downloaded directly from our website and details exactly how to rejuvenate your roof in the unlikely event that organic growth or natural staining has occurred.

Cleaning your roof is a straight forward process and while some home owners may choose to do this themselves, most elect to employ the professionals. Our distributors often train fundi’s to this this type of work and can recommend trained Gerard® fundi’s who understand your roof. Please let us know if you would like your local Gerard® Distributor to contact you about roof cleaning or any other enquiry you have about Genuine Gerard®.