Best for Mono Pitched Roofing

Mono-pitched roofs are the latest trend across sub-Saharan Africa, blending modern design with minimalist functionality. However, style should not come at the expense of substance, and the roof still needs to perform to the highest standards to protect the home. Arguably, a mono-pitched roof has to work even harder than a standard roof, so Gerard® has put together the Contemporary Collection to enable you to enjoy the latest design trend with the reassurance of the worlds original stone coated metal roof tile.

The Contemporary Collection has been created from a selection of 9 different natural stone finishes in our unique Gerard® Slate profile which Architects all over the world choose for mono-pitched roof projects because of the inherent qualities of Gerard® Roofing Systems and the striking good looks of the Slate profile. 

While on some designs a mono-pitch roof may not be as visible as a standard roof, you shouldn’t be tempted to cut corners on the roof material. A concrete slab for example can pool water which over time will start to degrade the concrete causing major structural problems. A cheap metal roof on the other hand will be extremely noisy during rainfall and will quickly rust leading to leaks and repairs / replacement.

With the Contemporary Collection from Gerard®, you can marry the latest design with the latest technology to create a roof that looks amazing and will perform for a lifetime. A good architect will future-proof your home by creating a maintenance free roof and recommend Gerard® as the only choice to achieve this. In addition, the Contemporary Collection, like all Gerard® roofs comes with a free 50 year warranty. To find out more, download our Contemporary Collection brochure or view our Slate profile here.