For properties by the coast, the high salt content in the air usually excludes metal roofing from being a choice of construction material. Luckily, Gerard® Roofing tiles are designed and manufactured to be used in these environments, so owners don’t have to miss out on any of the benefits of using Gerard®. Coming from New Zealand, Gerard® Roof tiles were invented to be used on this small island, so they not only “cope” with marine environments, they excel in it, performing just as well as they do inland.

The graph below demonstrates the difference in performance of an Alu-zinc Gerard® Roof and a galvanised roof. In marine environments, a Gerard® roofing tiles will last over 4 times longer than a galvanised roof, while in severe marine environments the difference is 8 times. Many hotels and home owners on the coasts around Africa have chosen Gerard® Roofing systems for this very reason.

coastal 1
coastal 2

The famous Gerard® Roofs 50 year warranty is also 100% valid to within 750m of breaking surf. Even if your property lies less than 750m from breaking surf you’ll still receive a free, fully transferable 25 year warranty. Please note, however, that our warranty is only valid in Gerard nails or screws are used for roofing installation. Inferior fixings may lead to damage of the roof tile.

For decades we have successfully supplied #GenuineGerard coastal projects along the eastern seaboard of Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa, and on the western coasts of Angola, Gabon, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Cote D’Ivoir, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Senegal.




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