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About us

AHI roofing are the manufacturers of the Gerard Roofing Systems


AHI roofing are the manufacturers of the Gerard® Roofing brand and are the world leaders in steel roof tile production and technology. Our product range includes a variety of roof profiles to complement many different home styles. Recognition of market needs and demands has been the hallmark of our success.

In 1957, the Company invented the world's first steel roof tiles, and in the following five decades this concept has been developed using leading edge technology to enable AHI Roofing to enjoy rapid expansion in all continents as more and more homeowners continue to appreciate the benefits of AHI's roofs. We have developed the capability to produce roof styles to suit every market.

Achieving a good looking product is not enough in competitive global markets. It is innovative design and consistency in the manufacturing process that has earned our roofing systems an international reputation for excellence. Pioneering the use in steel roof tiles Alu-Zinc steel substrate from NZ Steel Ltd, a subsidiary of BlueScope Ltd, combined with the development of specialised surface coatings and pressing technology have all contributed to our place as world leader in steel roof tiles. All our operations have ISO 9001 accreditation, reassuring our customers of products designed to meet all their needs and produced to consistently high quality standards.

AHI Roofing Ltd. and Gerard® have enjoyed a proud history and the future looks even brighter. Our owners, Fletcher Building Ltd of NZ are a large building products company who actively support our continued development throughout the world. We intend to lead in the worldwide trend towards using steel as a roofing substrate as we progress through the 21st century.


Gerard roofs is a world leader in stone coated roof tiles

New Zealand innovator Lou Fisher produced the world’s first steel tile 50 years ago and established a trusted brand that would grow to become Gerard Roofs. For decades, our global lead has been continually maintained through ongoing innovation and relentless attention to high-quality standards and service.


Gerard roofs are available and has worldwide regional offices

To meet the worldwide demand for Gerard roofs, without compromising quality and service, the company has manufacturing plants in New Zealand, Hungary, United States of America and Malaysia; and licensed manufacturing operations in Belgium and Chile; plus key regional offices across New Zealand, Africa, Australia, Japan, China, UAE, South-East Asia, Slovenia, Poland and France.

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  0810 300 2000

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